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For several years this was the website for Dog Pond Press, a subsidy publishing house that prides itself on bringing quality products to the reading public.
Content is from the site's 2004 - 2006 archived pages.

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Welcome to the Dog Pond Press virtual book store. Close your eyes for a minute. Can't you just smell that unique book store smell? There's nothing else like it in the whole world. This is the way I enter every book store, with my eyes closed and taking a minute to enjoy the sounds of rustling paper and the smells of books just waiting to be read.

In here you'll find new and used books. Each has its own distinct drawing power. There's the feeling of newness as each crisp page turns in a new book, and you know that you are the first one to hold it and enjoy it. In our virtual book store you'll find books by new authors hose works may not be found in your local bookstore. You can tell your friends you found them in the bookstore at Dog Pond Press. On the other hand, there's something fascinating about a used book as you turn the pages. Someone else has been here before you. Were they thinking the same thoughts as yours as they read this scene? Or did their imagination take them down a completely different path? Used books tend to take longer for me to read, for some reason. If you would prefer to buy any books from our virtual book store with a check or money order please print out this page and fill in your order. We would like to make your visit here as pleasant as possible.


Dog Pond Press

Who are you?

That's a good question. Dog Pond Press is a subsidy publishing house that prides itself on bringing quality products to the reading public. We are proud to partner with our authors to   produce a publication that is worthy of their hard work. A good book will transport you into another world, and spark your imagination. Images from your imagination will stay with you for the rest of your life. One thing we've learned is that there are never enough books in the world. With that thought in mind, we decided that we would bring to print books that other publishing houses have decided were just not good enough for them. If you've spent the time and effort to get your manuscript written down, we will get those words translated into book form and available to the buying public. Our goal is to keep your setup fees as low as possible while keeping your royalty payments as high as possible. We're seeking to maintain a win/win situation for everyone.

Why Dog Pond?

When I was a kid growing up, one of my favorite places to be in  the whole world was on my grandparents farm. Being city born and raised, to me it was like a different universe filled with wondrous things. There were geese and ducks in the pond, and horses and goats and cats and dogs galore. A phrase that was common in that household was a dire warning to the canine population - "If you don't behave it's off to the dog pond with you!". Even now that I know what my grandparents were really saying, I still hear what was in my mind at the time.



Our store is growing day by day. Feel free to search for your favorite book or author.

Now Available

Badges of Honor
The History of the West Springfield Police Department

Badges of Honor - The History of the West Springfield Police Department
Phyllis A. Austin-Bertera

The story of the police departments, from the humble beginnings in the 1800s to the state-of-the-art unit of today, is told with fresh insight by West Springfield native Phyllis Austin-Bertera. Having served on the last Board of Selectmen, one of her duties was that of Police Commissioner. This gave her an inside look at the operations of the police department, and inspired her to tell the tales of the chiefs who have led these men for over one hundred years.

Order your copy of Badges of Honor today for just $12.95!!

West Springfield Massachusetts - Stories Carved in Stone by Rusty Clark

A new field guide to gravestones, carvers and symbolism, Stories Carved in Stone walks you through five old cemeteries in West Springfield, Massachusetts, dating to the Agawam Plantation in the earliest days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Stories Carved in Stone begins with a short history of West Springfield, burial and funeral practices from the 1600s to present-day, the art and craft of gravestone carving, and includes common and curious causes of death, and a helpful glossary.

From the Colonial settlers, through the French and Indian, Revolutionary, and Civil Wars, and the Victorian Era, and into the opening years of the 20th century, you’ll see how attitudes and mores have changed the way we memorialize our loved ones and our "honored dead."

Ellen Dodson of Rochester, New York says: I wonder how people in the future will see what we are living now. I hope there will be another Rusty Clark to tell our story. You will love Rusty's book if you're into genealogy  or just have a curiosity for old graveyards! I'm sure I will read it over and over! It has has a touch of has facts...and stories...all wrapped up in this one book! If you are interested in books like this...give it a read!

These five guided tours include easy maps, more than a hundred individual gravestone photographs, many more illustrations, and the stories that bring the epitaphs to life. You’ll be pointed to details on the stones themselves to help you begin to recognize the work of some of the important Connecticut Valley gravestone carvers, whose works are found throughout New England and surrounding areas.

If you are researching your family tree, check out the index  (*PDF files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available here),  you may find your ancestors among the pioneering folk who settled Western Massachusetts in the 1600s. If you are the curious sort, this just might be start of a lifelong fascination with the art and history found in New England burying grounds.

Mary Vileta of Old Bones says: You really bring people to life in Stories Carved in Stone. I like it!

Betty Ralph of Huntsville, Alabama says: Enjoying your book so much! Amazed at...the black and white photos...Found myself wanting to reach out and touch them...You presented everything so well - even those without a passion for history should enjoy reading it.

Sally Buttons of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee says: In the early 20th century, Pigeon Forge where I am from, was an isolated mountain hamlet with no major roads. Perhaps the most famous attractions in Pigeon Forge are the Dollywood theme park and the Dixie Stampede theater, both owned by country music superstar Dolly Parton—whose hometown is in Sevierville, just a few miles from Pigeon Forge. But my husband is from the northeast and I've visited his family quite a few times. Just like the author I love meandering thrrough cemetaries looking at gravestones and imagining the stories they hold beneathe them. We have our own cemetaries down here in Pigeon Forge, the most notable and closest is the Smoky Mountain Memory Gardens and the Shiloh Memorial cemetery which has a vast number of informative Civil War graves with plenty of different headstones. Got way back relatives in the Shilioh cemetary. I always bring some fanciful paper flowers my kids have made to place on the grave stone. I buy the kit at the same store where I buy paper towels online along with a bunch of other paper products and cleaning supplies. I've got to say CleanItSUpplies has some of the best proces one can find online for your cleaning needs. The company where my huubie works also buys their janitorial supples from them. That's how I learned about the online site in the first place. Oh I am getting side tracked here. I just want to say that I really enjoyed West Springfield Massachusetts - Stories Carved in Stone by Rusty Clark. I wish he would write a bout about our Shiloh Memorial cemetery. It's got lot of history in those grave stones.



Holyoke Massachusetts: Stories Carved in Stone

Holyoke Massachusetts - Stories Carved in Stone by Rusty Clark

Rusty Clark's next volume in the Stories Carved in Stone series is now available.

Holyoke, Massachusetts - Stories Carved in Stone, takes you into Holyoke's graveyards for a look at more than two hundred and fifty years of history, and the people who lived it.

This third book in the Stories Carved in Stone series completes the three-part overview of early West Springfield, Massachusetts, before Agawam and Holyoke became towns. Together they present a full picture of the gravestone carvers, the mourning practices, and the families who lived and died here. Gravestone fans and genealogists alike will find much to explore in these old cemeteries.

Order your copy of Stories Carved in Stonetoday for just $15.95!!

Enfield Connecticut: Stories Carved in Stone

Enfield Connecticut: Stories Carved in Stone by Bob Clark

This fourth book in the Stories Carved in Stone series extends the scope outside of West Springfield, Massachusetts, which was the genesis of this project. Together these books present a full picture of the gravestone carvers, the mourning practices, and the families who lived and died here. Gravestone fans and genealogists alike will find much to explore in these old cemeteries.

Order your copy of Stories Carved in Stonetoday for just $17.95!!


Dad and Leenuts

Dad and Leenuts  by Steve Ala

Dad and Leenuts is the story of an Italian-American family that has serious problems with their command of the English language. While they never do anything wrong their butchering of the language leads to hilarious mix-ups, misunderstandings, and comic arrests time and time again.

Meet Dad, who has been in the United States since 1963, but whose English has never improved. He is a cheapskate and a penny pincher, still driving the first station wagon ever made.

Meet Leenuts, dad’s wife, who is a religious zealot and has given everything up for Jesus except her bible, cross, and robe, and annoyingly sends Evangelical ministers lots of money.

Meet Alpo, the thirty-four year old son who went to college to become a communist. He’s been in college for 17 years, can’t hold a job, and his penny pinching father is annoyed to no end about all the money spent on a college education and his son just keeps getting stupider.

Order your copy of Dad and Leenuts today for just $13.95!

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